Zombies are here and we need YOU to come and shoot them!

Zombie Attack is the first of its kind in South Africa. This unique paintball experience, where you shoot but don’t get shot, is sweeping the nation and will have you begging to come back for more.

Please note that Zombie Birthdays are upon Reservation Only as we need to book our zombies in advance

The Zombie Apocalypse has come to Paintball Place. Help save the community by joining the “hunt.” Each zombie-hunter is specially equipped with a paintball marker, full protective equipment and 200 paintballs. Your team will be taken to where the zombies have overrun the village and the junk yard – it will be your job to collect the antidote to prevent more zombie infestation and keep the zombies at bay until order can be restored.

If that sounds exciting, then zombie paintball is the game for you! Paintball zombies is an up and coming game that is featured at various haunted houses. Zombie Paintball consist of a group of people who are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. These people are equipped with a paintball gun and must survive in an arena where zombies have been let loose. Paintball Place zombies is the best and most exciting way to live through a zombie apocalypse of your own. Each person starts off with 200 paintballs before entering the arena, which makes ammo very limited. The limited ammo is what makes zombies very strategic and exciting. During gameplay, if a zombie is able to get past your defence and tags you, then you will turn into a zombie. They’re on the hunt for survivors and will do whatever it takes to get to them. Head on over and see if you have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse. Paintball Place zombies is a very unique and suspenseful game that is fun for all ages. It is usually offered as a side attraction, but with all the current hype, has the potential to become a main attraction.

Can you make it out alive? Lastly, Chaos is simply a pitch-black nightmare. Try it if you dare! Of course don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at our snack bar. We offer a variety of delicious foods!


Zombie games are quite simple and are perfect for birthday parties specially for young kids. Zombie games are played against zombies only and zombies DO NOT have a marker to shoot back, thus the only ones that take the “heat” are zombies

  • Our R210.00 / person price includes the following:
  • 200pb
  • Target range to get used to the marker
  • Juice collection games where you and your partner/team need to collect X amount of special juice from each of the house in the Village or Junk Yard.
  • The Grand Finale where zombies are charging your position and you and your team need to stop them before they reach you.
  • Kiddies mixed buffet

Please note that Zombie games are NOT played against other players, only the Zombies get shot, they are out there to eat you though, so shoot them before they get you!

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